Providing Owner Representation when under the Threat of Eminent Domain

Advocating for the rights of property owners throughout the State of Texas.


Knowledgeable, Professional Negotiators​

What We Offer!

Let us help you through the process with maximum benefit and minimal disruption.


We will:

  • Explain the steps of the acquisition and relocation
  • Review all paperwork provided by the condemning agency
  • Provide a determination on deficiencies on the offer
  • Explain how we would proceed forward

Combined Experience
in the Field

Our experience includes:

  • Collective Right-of-Way Industry experience of over 56 years
  • Negotiations with state and local municipalities, as well as utility companies in Texas and Colorado
  • Understanding of the ins/outs of these agencies so that we can best help those on the front lines of these land takings

Flat-rate Fees &
Guarantee of Service

We guarantee:

  • A flat rate fee structure where you realize all the price purchased for your property, unlike typical law firms charging 30-40% of the additional monies obtained over initial offer
  • NO FEE charged for our expertise, if the initial offer is deemed to be reasonable and fair

Our Services Include

OAG is excited to provide eminent domain services using qualified agents with the highest designations by the International Right-of-Way Association. These designations are required by most state agencies and allow us to be qualified experts in the field. Our team has experience working with clients, state agencies, and legal counsels to get the best results for our clients. We understand how important it is to get the project completed efficiently and effectively.


Our eminent domain negotiation services help to capture deficiencies in the appraisals and work to get the actual fair market value for our clients. We help negotiate a fair deal between all parties involved to get the best possible outcome for our clients.


We help business & homeowners relocate when their property is damaged or taken through eminent domain. We provide support thru every step of the process, from finding a new home to reimbursement claims. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Appraisal Review
& Analysis

Our team provides appraisal reviews & analysis to ensure that property owners are fairly compensated for their property. We inspect the cost of land, age of comps, & any potential costs to cure items. If there are any deficiencies in the appraisals, we recommend an appraisal.

Title Coordination
& Curative

We provide Title coordination & curative services to remove any blemishes on your title that are not yours. We come up with a plan to cure any that are yours, & help get releases that will be required by agencies before they close on the property. This allows our clients to move on with their lives without any title issues hanging over their heads.

We provide help to all ownership types, including:

Owners Advocacy Group helps with all types of ownership, including residential, commercial, industrial, and tenancy. No matter what type of ownership you have, Owners Advocacy Group can help you with eminent domain issues you’re having with your property. We provide resources and support for owners and work to ensure that all voices are heard. If your property is being threatened, or you just need some advice, Owners Advocacy Group can help.


Single & Multi Family Residencies | Apartment Complexes | Duplexes | Triplexes | Quadraplexes | Senior Living Facilities


Office Buildings | Retail Slots | Gas Stations | Self-Storage Units | Car Dealerships | Hospitals | Nursing Homes


Warehouses | Factories | Manufacturing Facilities | Grocery Stores | Banks | Supply Houses (plumbing, electrical, etc.)


Residential Tenant | Business Tenant | Landlord | Tenants In Common | Joint Tenancy

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