About Us

Owners Advocacy Group, LLC is a professional right-of-way firm created to be your representative when dealing with threats of eminent domain. We are proud to offer professional representation in negotiation and relocation services to property owners facing the taking of their property for roadway and/or utility purposes. With over 56 years of combined experience, our team has taken part in thousands of individual negotiations on behalf of the condemning authority and are now excited to pass our expertise and knowledge on to people affected by these transactions.

In our years of experience, we have recognized that property owners are disadvantaged in negotiations for the forced taking of their property. Benefits available to property owners were not utilized and money was routinely left on the table. Typically, Realtors are not qualified to negotiate a forced taking of property and the only avenue for help available to property owners has been to hire attorneys who take a large percentage of the final negotiated price and fight the battle in court. We aim to change that.

We are flipping the deck and putting our years of experience working for condemning authorities to work for the property owners. State and local agencies would prefer to negotiate for a higher dollar amount and settle, rather than take people to court. Our stated goal is to keep owners out of eminent domain and through regular negotiations obtain the highest dollar amount for their valuable property while ensuring that all benefits available are utilized. In the event challenging an eminent domain action in court is necessary, we have a network of eminent domain attorneys who can help.

We offer low, flat-rate fees and a guarantee that we will be able to recover a higher value for your property than the initial offer by the acquiring entity or you pay us nothing.

They are coming. We are ready.

Expertise. Services. Integrity.